Aeden’s 3 Month Photo Session

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and by the time gap between this post and the last, you’d think I was flying off the handle with fun. Let’s just say I moved…I survived…I can’t find anything.

But, while I was dealing with boxes, my lovely friend’s son Aeden was growing bigger by the minute, and before I knew it he was 3 months old. He did an amazing job during the photo session and gave a smile that was worth it when I was quick enough to catch it. In a few more months, he’ll be grabbing and gabbing up a storm and I can’t wait to see what new little stories he’ll try to tell us. Until then, enjoy these photos!

Infant Aeden IMG_9192-1 BW LR

Infant Aeden IMG_9164-1 BW LR

Infant Aeden IMG_9129-1 BW LR

Infant Aeden IMG_9120-1 LR

Infant Aeden IMG_9091-2 BW LR

Infant Aeden IMG_9218-1 LR

Infant Aeden IMG_9175-1 LR

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