An Inspired Bridal Brunch {Brittany’s Bridal Shower Event}

I recently attended a very special bridal shower and had a chance to capture some of the beautiful details as well. A wonderful lady in my life is getting married, and to kick off the celebration, she had a brunch inspired bridal shower that was elegant right down to the last detail. The bride, with the help of family and friends, planned a day she and her soon-to-be hubby won’t forget including a brunch menu, cupcake wedding dress, date night ideas and advice coasters box, mimosa bar, fingerprint tree guest book and the favor was natural goat’s milk soap. I was honored to also help with designing the floral signs and labels to match the invitation. The bride decorated the tables with crystals, candles and various floral arrangements that added just the right ambiance. A personal touch was present with the display of her mother’s and grandmother’s wedding dresses, something fun for the guests to admire and chat about.

Enjoy and get inspired!

Bridal Shower Cupcake Dress IMG_3665-1 LR

Bridal Shower Blueberry Cupcakes IMG_3669-1 LR

Tree finger stamp Guest Book IMG_3670-1 LR

Bridal Shower Frames and Games IMG_3675-1 LR

Bridal Shower Games Date Night Ideas Advice Coasters IMG_3685-1 LR

Wedding Shower sign stats collage engagement photo collage IMG_3677-1 LR duo

Bridal Shower Wedding Dress Display IMG_3691-1 LR

Bridal Shower Flowers IMG_3698-1 LR duo

Bridal Shower Soap Favors IMG_3702-1 LR

Mimosa Bar Drinks Bridal Shower IMG_3708-1 LR

Mimosa Bar Sign IMG_3712-1 LR

Jams labeled Jar Bridal Shower Food IMG_3717-1 LR

Vege Bread Cups Bridal Shower Food IMG_3714-1 LR

Brunch with the Bride Food Bridal Shower IMG_3716-1 LR

Brunch with the Bride Sign and Bridal Shower Decorations IMG_3729-1 LR

And what bridal shower isn’t complete without a personal gift-opening assistant?
Bridal Shower Gifts IMG_3730-1 LR

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