Brooklynn’s One Year Beach Photo Session {West Bend, WI Photographer}

Brooklynn turns one year old! We spent the afternoon in the park and on a little beach, topping it off with something sweet.


Maggie’s 3 Year Photo Session {Cedarburg, WI Photographer}

Here’s sweet little Maggie from her 3 year winter session a little while back. Always so much fun photographing her, especially in the snow!

Joey’s One Year Session {Grafton, WI Child Photographer} Sibling Photography

I recently had Joey and his big brother Sammy in my studio to celebrate him turning one! I photographed him when he was just a little newborn and now here he is as the playful and happy, wispy-haired cutie before me. Couldn’t get enough of their giggles and I can just see these two concocting a plan or two together down the road….enjoy!

one year old photo session in studio

one-year-old-photographer-IMG_5713-1 LR

Brothers with shirts off for studio photo session

IMG_5796-1 LR

sibling photography in studio

Child blowing up a blue balloon

Allyson & Tyler’s Photo Session {5 Year and 1 Year Photos} Grafton, WI Child Photographer

I had the pleasure of recently meeting and photographing two little ones, Allyson who’s five and Tyler who recently turned one. It was so great to get to know both and capture their little personalities. Allyson was very sweet and did wonderfully smiling for me, and Tyler was everything you love about a one year old: smiley, giggling and full of energy. It was a lot of fun and it was lovely photographing them together to see that brotherly sisterly interaction. Those are some of my favorite shots – enjoy!

Tyler 1 year photos

Allyson 5 Year Photos

Tyler 1 year photos

Tyler 1 year photos

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Paige’s 3 Year Photo Session {Grafton, WI Photographer}

Paige, who recently turned three, was more than thrilled to get outside and enjoy a beautiful spring day and get her pictures taken. I loved watching her bounce around from flowers to rocks to trees and onto the next exciting thing. This little girl was excited about it all. Picking up dandelions and then of course dropping them so she could then pick up more was on the agenda, and she looked so adorable doing it. Paige’s mom even brought a bubble maker which made for some great shots. What’s better than a child with bubbles? This session was truly a fun one – enjoy this playful preview!

Paige 3 Year Photos

Paige 3 Year Photo

Paige 3 Year Photos

Paige 3 Year Photos

child with bubbles photo

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